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From time-to-time our website may contain various hypertext links to external websites and other information created and maintained by other individuals and organizations. These links are only provided for your convenience. We do not control or guarantee the accuracy, completeness, relevance, or timeliness of any information or privacy policies posted on these linked websites. You should know that these websites may track visitor viewing habits.

In addition, hyperlinks to particular items do not reflect their importance, and are not an endorsement of the individuals or organizations sponsoring the websites, the views expressed on the websites, or the products or services offered on the websites. We permit links to our website if they do not imply an endorsement by, or affiliation with, our website.

We review our website periodically for broken or out-of-date links. Any and all links may be posted, altered, or removed at any time. To report problems with links on our website, or for more information about this policy, please send an e-mail to support [at] SCDentalGroup.com or you may use our email form below.

This policy was last updated on 05-17-18

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